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Kefalonia is the 6th biggest island of Greece. It is about 786 sq m. It is the biggest island of the Ionian Islands but it comes second in population with 36.527 inhabitants. The capital of the island has been Argostoli since 1757.

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Kefalonia is the most mountainous island of the seven islands . It is situated in the entrance of the Patraikos Gulf , north of Zante , south of Lefkas and west of Ithaka. It is called the “weird island” as many mysterious phenomena have occurred on the island . It’s coastline is about 254klm , revealing a rich horizontal separation. Lines of land through the sea form  the Pallikl Penisula in the west and the Erisos Penisula in the north, while the sea forms small gulfs. The main ports are Sami across Ithaka and Argostoli. 


The most famous Gulfs are of Myrtos and Atheras in the north and Lourda and Katelio in the south which stand out for their magnificent beaches . They are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The geological phenomenas of the island which still remain a mystery until today are Katavotres , the Drogarati Cave and the beautiful lake of Melissani.

The coasts form many small gulfs and capes.


There are many unspoiled beaches which can be accessed  and worth seeing.

If you are interested in sightseeing you can visit the archaeological museum of Argostoli, the Navy and Enviromental Museum of Fiscardo with information about the history of the island.

Another place of interest is The Monastery of Agios Gerasimos with many murals , icons and church relics.

One of the islands traditions is the production of the most famous wine Rombola , whereas the Cefalonian  cuisine with the famous dishes pastitsada and aliada is something you should definitely taste.

Lixuri is the main town of the Palliki Penisula and the secong largest town of the island. The ancient town Pali was refered by many Greek historians such as Irodotos and Pafsanias .

There are many beautiful beaches such as Petani, Xi, Atheras or Platia Ammos. It is a town that  will excite you with its natural beauty.

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Many tourists visit the island every year to admire the combination of green and blue

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