DANCE CONTEST Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions 2017

Competition categories:


Solo participations

  • ~ The dancer who will take part in this category will have the chance to perform one or combined styles of dance of his/ hers choice.
  • ~ The duration of the solo should be approximately 2 minutes.



  • ~ Choreographies of 2 or more. The group will have the opportunity to perform one or more combined styles of dance of their choice. The duration of the choreography should not be more than 3 minutes.
  • ~ The stage lights will be the same for all participants. The rehearsals will take place on the same day of the competition, on Friday 7/7. There will be 2 for each contestant or group so they can adjust their choreography according to the stage. A copy of the music of their choice should be handed in upon arrival on Monday 3/7 to the person who is in charge of the dance contest.
  • ~ The contests program will be announced on Thursday 6/7 at the Hotel’s Lobby.
  • ~ The organizers of the contest do not bear any responsibility for any accidents or illnesses of the contestants during the contest, as well as any loss of personal belongings.


* Grading

The highest grading is 10 points . The contestants will be judged on correct performance of technique and the artistic performance of the choreography. The decisions of the judges are final and cannot be questioned. The contestants should respect these rules. Any contact with the judges before and after the contest is prohibited and unethical. The results and the prizes are to be announced on the same day. The committee will consist of instructors of Summer Dance Week.

Access to backstage will be allowed only to contestants during the contest. They will have to be ready 1 hour before the scheduled time. The use of dangerous objects on stage is strictly prohibited. You can have your own stage settings or safe objects but only after you have notified the organizers.


The aim of this competition is to boost dancers confidence, rewarding their efforts and talent.

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